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Reading For Spillway #25, “Hello & Goodbye”

When: Saturday, November 18, | 4 to 6pm

Where: Rebound Bookstore 1611 4th Street San Rafael


Info: Host Susan Terris with writers of new issue of Spillway Magazine Going Away party for editor Susan Terris! AT THE REBOUND BOOKSTORE-Refreshments provided - This is a free event. (Donation requested)

Steven Hurst: “Treasures from My Dreams: 41 Years Making the World.” A Retrospective.

When: November 10th, 2017-Open Ended | 10:00am-6:00pm

Where: The Higher Space Gallery at The Rebound Bookstore, 1611 4th St. San Rafael


Info: Reception with the artist: 7:00pm November 17th, 2017. Refreshments + Live Music. All works are for sale.

What people say about Steve’s work:

“I never thought of buying a clock as a piece of art, but this is in a class all its own. It’s really a beautiful piece of fine art.” (Art shopper at Sausalito Art Festival, 2017)

“Stunning! These are absolutely stunning! I have never seen anything like these. Oh, my God, I’ve got to have this one for myself.” (Berkeley home stager, now owner of one of Steve’s clocks)

Artist Bio:

Winthrop STEVEN HURST grew up in the projects on Chicago’s South Side. He moved to New York at 21, where he studied graphic design, painting, illustration, and photography. His career has taken him to Boston, back to New York, Cleveland and the Bay Area. He now resides in historic Point Richmond, California.

Steve has had one-man shows of his paintings and illustrations in Illinois, New York City, Boston, Cleveland and the East Bay.
Most recently, for the second year in a row, Steve was invited to show his work at the prestigious, juried 2017 Sausalito Art Festival. “The show was a tremendous success for me. I sold many clocks and walked away with seven pages of people to contact who love my work.

The paintings and illustrations in the show are from Steve’s private collection from 1976 to 1998. This is the first time works from this collection have been shown in the Bay area. In addition to the originals, affordable archive-quality Giclee prints will be offered for sale by special order.

Steve’s clocks are surreal, otherworldly wall sculptures that tell time. They are beautiful, they are functional, they inspire the observer to enter their own fantasies.

Steve welcomes visitors to his studio, located next to Hotel Mac in historic Point Richmond.

STEVENart Clocks
Defiantly Different, Audaciously Unique
T: 510.932.6085 • •

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New Collections/Arrivals in the Store


(Like life in general, you never know what’s gonna come in the door)


While working at the Rebound Bookstore sorting new boxes of books, our intern, Sami Stilson discovered a unique curated collection of over six hundred sci-fi books written by women authors. This collection represents nearly 200 women writers in a unique collection.

This is a rare selection of interest both to those seeking to explore new writers generally, in as well as those specifically interested in women’s contribution to the genre. (Women writers have been contributing to the scifi genre since the 17th century. However, even today, only 30% of sci-fi writers are women.)

The new subsection profiles all the woman Grand Masters of science fiction/fantasy including Andre Norton, Ursula K. Le Guin, Anne McCaffrey, Connie Willis and C.J. Cherryh and nobel prize winner Doris Lessing as well as literally hundreds of others who contributed to the genre. Rebound Bookstore has shelved most of this unique collection separately for easy examination.


24 Volume Time-Life set, "Man, Myth & Magic," in virtually perfect condition. rare "time capsule" collection. Sells on the internet for around $300. In the store. only $150.

20 Volume set of artists monographs, rare as a complete set.  in perfect condition. $140.

Chocolate Truffles!

Hand-made French Chocolate truffles in the store from X.O.X. Truffles, San Francisco. (Voted one of the best chocolatiers in the world!)  Call 415-482-0550, or email in advance for larger orders.


Find A Great Book -  Perfect For You

The Rebound Bookstore is your point of departure for new ideas, unexpected adventure, and treasures found.

A Cozy Store


35,000 books CDs, records and DVDs. If you can’t find what you want, we search it for you.

Literary & Community Events


If you’re a published writer, contact us for a book launch or reading.

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The Rebound is an old-school bookshop with modern appeal.

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...Voted Best Used Bookstore in Marin County

Rebound bookstore has been consistently voted "Best Used Bookstore," in Marin County by the Bohemian weekly's customer survey in every year we have entered the survey ( 2005, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015)

On Saturdays and weekday lunchtimes, the store swarms with students from local high schools and colleges.

As often as not the store is full of teens from the local high school from the next block over.

If you have a question about a specific book, write or call us.  If we don’t have it, we’ll order it for you.

The San Francisco Chronicle said, “The Rebound bookstore, with a diverse selection of used books to pique your interest is the kind of cozy convivial place that makes you want to linger.”

...and now that you’ve found us, we’re right there with you! We hope to see you in the store!


What Makes Us Worth The Trip

The Rebound Bookstore at 1611 4th Street in San Rafael, California, is nestled in a safe, popular, strolling area of coffee houses, restaurants, and specialty shops, with easy-to-find parking.

Among the thirty-five thousand items in the store, we carry such unique collections as novels by middle eastern writers, odd dictionaries, romances, westerns, foreign language books, UFO books, Hardy Boys, Conan novels, English “cozy” mysteries, ring-bound cook books from obscure church groups; even a collection of Flemish comic books (!)

They’re all tucked away in little alcoves around the store along with such staples as manuals on gardening and house repair. We boast both current and classic fiction and mysteries as well as a sci-fi collection of over 2000 books.

We foreground a well-stocked bookcase of local writers. Proceeds from the sale of their books goes directly to the writers.

We carry gift cards by local artists.

As if this was not enough…

The Norther California Independent Booksellers Association

City of San Rafael

Marin Poetry Center

Left Coast Writers

Poetry Flash Magazine

Marin Literacy Program

Bookstore available for workshops, book launches and release parties. $40 a night.  Seats 25. Includes our participation in announcing your event on our social media and customer list (1000+ names).

"This place is more than a bookstore. It's a cultural engine."

"I love this store. I'd rather be in here than doing housework."

"This is my favorite place to go on a day off."

"I even got an autographed Far Side book here."

"It’s comfortable, like going to my aunt's library."

"I imagine you will find what you are looking for at this place or a writing you were not aware of...will find you."

"This is the kind of bookstore you walk into, and just stumble upon books you didn't know you wanted to read."

"Strangely enough, even though it’s not huge, I always find at least one title that I am looking for."

Donate Books

Do you have books collecting dust in a basement or attic? We accept donations of all shapes and sizes. Give the gift of reading and bring to life your books once more.

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